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18th Jul 2023

Why These Dog Trainers are Raising their Dogs Instead of Training them!

Kim Brophey joins Nikki this week to talk about how their mindset of "training" dogs has changed over the years. Kim talks about Monk, her massive Great Pyr/Golden Retriever mix, who is on par to reach about 170lbs. Nikki talks about Myers and how her interaction and expectations have changed drastically from what they once were!

Find Kim Brophey and Monk here!

Kim's Business in Asheville, NC.

Asheville Dog Training & Dog Behavior Experts - The Dog Door (dogdoorcanineservices.com)

Family Dog Mediation Course

Family Dog Mediation – Education Center

For pet parents to learn more about legs, click here!



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Understand your dog better with DogSpeak founder, Nikki Ivey--a professional Canine Behavior Specialist, trainer and Family Dog Mediator. Learn why it's not about just fixing your dog's behavior but about understanding why the behavior is occurring. Nikki often shares the mic with wife and DogSpeak manager, Britteny, along with other fantastic guests. Whether the discussion is about real life manners, inappropriate behavior or nutrition, this podcast has it all. We focus on building relationships, not dictatorships. Learn more about DogSpeak and Nikki Ivey by checking out www.dogspeak101.com. Become a Patreon member by visiting www.patreon.com/dogspeak 

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Nikki Ivey

Nikki Ivey is DogSpeak's™ founder, trainer and canine behavioral specialist. She is a certified Family Dog Mediator and Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She has been training dogs and their owners since 1996. Nikki primarily works with dogs displaying behavioral issues such as dog and human aggression, fear and anxiety. In addition to in-home sessions, she hosts the DogSpeak™ podcast, and teaches multiple workshops and seminars.

Nikki is a former search and rescue handler, instructor and trainer.

Nikki owned and operated one of the first daycare facilities in the Nashville area, and now assists daycare and kennel owners in their own facilities. She has also written multiple books and produced several online courses to assist pet owners, business owners and their staff, and rescue organizations.

In her free time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family (including 2 dogs and 3 cats), working out and hosting The Full Breakdown podcast with co-host, Julie Roberts.